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Formula Concrete Coating (FCC) installs durable, long-lasting floors that will add beauty and value to your home.  We don't just do garage floors, we do driveways, patios, porches, walkways ... basically anything concrete, we can professionally coat it!

We don't limit ourselves to what we can coat, so why should you?  Refinishing your backyard bbq and bar?  If its got a concrete or pavers top, we can beautifully coat it and protect it from the harsh elements of Arizona!

We have a variety of finishes and colors, depending on the condition and placement of the concrete you would like to coat.  We offer several systems to choose from; epoxy, urethanes, polyurea, polyaspartic, and several other systems.  The chemicals we use are low VOC, and our floors carry a 10-year warranty against chipping / delaminating, and a 5-year warranty on staining.

Take a look around your home.  What project can FCC help you with next?  Call today for your free estimate.

Industrial / Commercial

Commercial flooring demands durability and longevity.  FCC specializes in many industrial-strength flooring systems.  Our most common commercial system is our wall-to-wall seamless epoxy flooring; its not just aesthetically pleasing, but is easy to clean and care for, and has helped many of our commercial clients pass grueling inspections.

Our commercial projects include medical facilities, bars/restaurants, warehouses, airplane hangars, shops & dealerships, animal shelters/rescues, and more.

All floors can be customized to compliment your company's brand, and comes with a two-year warranty against staining & peeling.

If you are looking for a safe and durable flooring system, we have many applications to choose from.

Have an industrial project on the horizon, call Formula Concrete Coating today and schedule an appointment with one of our flooring specialists.